BOY BANDS vs. GIRL GROUPS It’s girls against boys, as Bootie pays mashup tribute to all your favorite boy bands & girl groups!

From Bootie Seattle:

Resident Bootie LA DJ:

Go-go insanity from resident dance crew:
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) --

Club photography by:

Free Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people through the door!

It’s girls against boys, as Bootie pays tribute to the best boy bands and girls groups in the world by mixing and mashing them up with anybody and everybody! Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls? N’Sync or TLC? Duran Duran or the Go-Go’s? Jackson 5 or the Supremes? No group from any decade is safe from the Bootie mashup treatment! Bootie Seattle DJ Destrukt comes down to join Bootie LA resident DJ ShyBoy as they spin the best of the boys and girls into one non-stop mashup dancing frenzy! Resident dance crew R.A.I.D. will fill the stage with go-go eye-candy all night, and of course Shutter Tribe will be there to capture the party!