'80s vs. '90s MASHUP NIGHT!
It’s an epic battle between your two favorite decades!

Resident Bootie LA DJs:
SHYBOY - http://shyboy.tv/
AXEL - http://djaxel.com/

Aerial silks performances by:
ASTRO DOVES - http://facebook.com/astrodoves

Go-go insanity by Bootie LA's own dance crew:
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) -- http://raiddancers.org/

Club photography by:
SHUTTER TRIBE -- http://bootiela.shuttertribe.com/


Bootie takes two of our most popular theme nights, and mashes them together – it's '80s vs '90s Mashup Night! Both decades were musically mixed up, and we're going to mix them up even more in a mashup battle for the ages! Hair metal or grunge? Duran Duran or 'N Sync? Old school hip-hop or gangster rap? The Go-Go's or the Spice Girls? Why choose when you can have them ALL ... mashed up, of course! Bring your pastel polo shirts and acid-washed overalls, plastic pants or ripped jeans, leg-warmers or leotards – all the wonderful and awful fashion of two extremely colorful and fun decades. And be prepared to dance until the floor shakes! Resident DJs ShyBoy and Axel will be mixing and mashing all the '80s and '90s genres with music from multiple decades, paying homage to the eras yet keeping the music fresh, while Astro Doves fly high above the stage, along with the go-go antics of resident dance crew R.A.I.D., as they give ‘80s and '90s realness! All this and FREE Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people through the door! Don't forget to dress in your favorite fashions from the ‘80s or ‘90s!