Bootie celebrates Thanksgiving with a heaping plate of mashups!

Resident Bootie LA DJs:

Special guest DJs:

A cornucopia of go-go insanity from:
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) --

Club photography by:

Thanksgiving has just passed and Bootie wants to help you recover from dealing with your family, eating too much food, and not being able to go dancing -- we invite you to “Get Stuffed” with a delectable assortment of the world’s greatest mashups, served up by master chefs ShyBoy and special guest DJs Voicedude and Raw-Burt, as they throw down turkey-free sets of epic mashups to help you burn off those extra calories! Plus Bootie LA's resident dance crew R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) empties out a cornucopia of go-go insanity to keep your bodies bouncing, while house photographers Shutter Tribe will be there to capture all the action.