’00s MASHUP NIGHT: T’00 S’00N?
Bootie mashes up the best of the last decade!

From Bootie San Francisco:
ENTYME - http://awesomemashups.com/

Resident Bootie LA DJ:
SHYBOY - http://shyboy.tv/

Retro go-go dancing from:
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) -- http://raiddancers.org/

Club photography by:
SHUTTER TRIBE -- http://bootiela.shuttertribe.com/


The “aughts” seem like they were just yesterday, but Bootie is already nostalgic for the 2000s ... so we’re paying tribute in full mashup style with ‘00s Mashup Night: T’00 S’00n? We’ll be celebrating the odd mess that was the last decade -- with world-changing things like iPods, smart phones and American Idol; from the demise of the boy bands to their return; to child stars like Britney and Lindsay turning into adult messes. With the top of the music charts alternating between Beyoncé and M.I.A., Eminem and White Stripes, Outkast and Lady Gaga, it was a decade of contrasts -- and Bootie LA DJ ShyBoy is joined by Bootie SF’s Entyme, as they mash up the best ’00s songs all night long! Plus Bootie LA's resident dance crew R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) will give you a blast to the past with their go-go antics, while house photographers Shutter Tribe will be there to capture all the action