Bootie's DJs mix and mash MJ mashups throughout the night!

Resident Bootie LA DJ:
SHYBOY - http://shyboy.tv/
Also performing the Midnight Mashup Show!

Special guest:
DJ AXEL - http://djaxel.com/

Aerial silks performances by:
ASTRO DOVES - http://facebook.com/astrodoves

Jacko-licious go-go insanity by Bootie LA's own dance crew:
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) -- http://raiddancers.org/

Club photography by:
SHUTTERTRIBE.com http://bootiela.shuttertribe.com/

Bootie celebrates Michael Jackson with an evening filled with mashup tributes to the late, great "King of Pop." Resident DJ ShyBoy is joined by special guest DJ Axel, as they mix and mash Jacko throughout the night, mixing him up with anybody and everybody! ShyBoy also takes the stage for a MJ-inspired Midnight Mashup Show, while the Astro Doves will present aerial silks performances high above the stage. R.A.I.D. fills the stage with Jacko-licious go-go insanity, plus Shutter Tribe will be in the house to snap all the fun so you can remember what you did. All this, plus FREE Bootie mashup CDs for the first 100 people through the door!